Palm Northwest Mortuary & Cemetery

Palm Northwest Mortuary & Cemetery is a serene and tranquil destination in the northwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada. This beautiful property is designed to give visitors a calm and peaceful atmosphere during difficult times. It is a full-service mortuary and cemetery, serving the needs of families in Las Vegas with dignity and compassion.

The mortuary provides a range of funeral services and memorial services, while the cemetery offers a peaceful final resting place for loved ones.

The Atmosphere

The cemetery and mortuary are surrounded by beautiful and well-manicured gardens that provide visitors with a peaceful and comforting atmosphere. Walking around the cemetery, visitors can find a variety of traditional and unique grave markers, memorials, and monuments that make it a true sanctuary for those who have lost loved ones. The funeral home is built to provide a sense of comfort and peace for grieving families, with spacious and comfortable seating areas for visitors.

The staff members are compassionate and understanding, ensuring that everyone is treated with the utmost respect and care during their time of need.

Funeral and Cremation Options

The cemetery provides various options for final resting places, including traditional in-ground burials, above-ground entombment in mausoleums, and cremation. Palm Northwest Mortuary & Cemetery also offers a selection of memorialization options, such as personalized headstones, urns, engraved benches, and memorial plaques.

In addition, the funeral home provides grief counseling and pre-planning services, making it easier for families to navigate the tough process of saying goodbye to a loved one. With a deep understanding of memorializing loved ones, Palm Northwest Mortuary & Cemetery provides caring and compassionate services to ensure that the memory of loved ones lives on forever.

Parking Spaces

There is ample parking space for guests attending funeral services, memorials, and other events at the property. The parking area is easily accessible and provides a comfortable and spacious area for vehicles of all sizes, including RVs and buses. Visitors will find it easy to navigate through the parking area, which features paved walkways and designated parking spots.

The parking lot is well-lit, secure, and close to the property's main entrance, ensuring that guests can easily locate the event site they're attending. With plenty of parking spaces available, visitors can concentrate on paying their final respects to their loved ones without worrying about finding a parking spot or any parking issues.

Operation Hours

The cemetery and mortuary is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm and provides year-round assistance to needy families. Whether planning a funeral service or needing help with pre-planning arrangements, Palm Northwest Mortuary & Cemetery can provide the compassionate and caring services you need.