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There are many homes and businesses in Las Vegas who need handyman jobs to be done at various times of the year. A good deal of general contractors is not interested in jobs that on paper appear small.

This means there are vast numbers of individuals who have nowhere to turn apart from attempting these jobs on their own. Handyman of Las Vegas met this demand many years ago when the company first started. There was a niche, and from being one of the frontrunners in this industry, we have continued to grow and expand all our services.

With many highly skilled craftsmen, we never leave a customer in the lurch and say their job is too small. Not only do we provide a full range of services, but we can also respond to any emergency when it involves a quick result.

    Need Handyman for Plumbing Repairs Las Vegas NV


    The number of plumbing services we offer is quite extensive, and can include the following:

    • Plumbing system inspections
    • Routine plumbing maintenance services
    • Drain cleaning, garbage disposals
    • Toilet repair and replacement
    • Plumbing in washers, dishwashers or any other machine
    • Water heater repair or replacement
    • Emergency burst pipe repair and many others

    We are proud of all the plumbing services we offer as well as the skilled and certified plumbers who perform all these tasks. Some jobs are not the cleanest, but we do them all with the same commitment.

    Our plumbing services carry our own personal guarantees as well as:

    • Same day service
    • Affordable rates and transparent pricing structure
    • A fully-equipped fleet of vehicles
    • Customer guarantee 100%

    Our customer servicing of all our divisions is top-rated like our plumbing services. Our skilled, certified and dedicated plumbers of Las Vegas, make sure each job is done right the first time.

    Awesome Handyman for Electrical Repairs Las Vegas NV


    When customers know they have a com0pnay to turn to for 24-hour emergencies, they can rest easy although they might have some inconvenience. When all the power goes out, it can be understandable, and there are reasons for this, but when half a home loses power, then this is really frustrating.

    We have highly skilled electricians who trace the root of the problem in no time. This isn’t the only thing they do, they are certified and have many years of experience in all manner of electric installations. From fixing breakers and circuits to ceiling fan installation, Las Vegas electrical code corrections, our electricians can do it all.

    Electric installations might appear simple, but it is one element you can’t see, and getting it wrong can leave the most efficient DIY guys with a nasty shock.

    To make sure your home is safe and sound, our professional residential electricians can serve you around the clock performing some of the following:

    • Ceiling fan installation
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Outlets and switches


    From walk-in closets to a gazebo in the rear yard. We have carpenters who are a whizz with wood and can construct or repair almost anything.

    The list of woodworking jobs we carry out in Las Vegas includes the following but is not exclusive to:

    • Laying decking
    • Building porches
    • Repairing wood rot
    • Repairing or fitting sidings
    • Kitchen updates
    • Laminate or real wood flooring fitted
    • And many more.

    It doesn’t matter if you want a new kitchen installation in your Las Vegas home, or you want a quick garbage can enclosure made. We have the most affordable carpenter rates in Vegas and deliver the same excellent carpentry service that exceeds any customers expectations.

    All woodworking or carpentry services  Handyman of Las Vegas performs comes with the best in class customer service and the following:

    • Top-quality workmanship
    • Highly competitive pricing
    • Friendly and reliable workmen
    • Safe working methods adhered to
    • No job is considered finished until the customer is satisfied

    Our skilled woodworkers can do much more than regular handyman jobs. If you have problems with your wooden substructure, our experienced workers can make sure your home is safe, and all of the issues have been negated.

    Need a Handyman for Plumbing Repairs Las Vegas NV


    It doesn’t matter if you want laminate flooring or real wood flooring. It can be a tough job for the non-professional. We have teams of professional wooden floor fitters who can transform any Las Vegas home in the shortest possible time.

    Real stone floors take a very different set of skills and no matter which room you want to have that cool underfoot feeling. We have the best floor layers in Vegas. From pavers to marble slabs, any flooring job will add instant value to your home and last for countless years.

    With the best workers fitting your stone floor, you are guaranteed the very best finish that will perform many a function for a good number of years. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have, laminate, vinyl, natural stone or any other, we have the best floor fitters who can take on any job.

    Painting and Drywall

    Drywall is one of the most commonly used materials to cover stud walls. It is inexpensive, and when fitted correctly, it looks as good as any other walling material once it has been professionally painted.

    As good and easy to use as drywalling is, it does damage easily. Kids can kick a ball too hard, and it leaves a hole, to a water leak from the upper floor, and your drywall soaks up all the dripping water.

    Other problem areas come from door handle holes, and general wear and tear. Our professional workmen can replace sections, or full panels and do all the necessary taping, spackling and patching before painting your drywall to make it look as good as new.

    Drywall is easy to work with, but it takes years of skill and practice to make the job look as good as Las Vegas homes deserve. Get it wrong and you can see all the lines and square edges.

    Handyman Plumbing Repairs For Dish Washer Las Vegas NV

    Over the years, we have built up a substantial following of loyal customers. They return because of the customer service we deliver. We top this with the most affordable pocket-friendly rates in Las Vegas for all our services, no matter how large or small the job turns out to be.

    We believe in working with transparency, honesty, and integrity, and over the years, this has served us well and allowed us to continue serving the local Las Vegas communities.

    Any homeowner or business owner only needs to keep hold of one telephone number for their one-stop solution to all of their handyman needs. Handyman of Las Vegas is there, no matter how small, large, easy or complicated the work you need completing is. We will never turn any job away, regardless of how minor it appears on paper.