Flooring Install and Repair

Not every type of floor is suitable for every room in a Las Vegas home. So for this reason, there are many different types, but homeowners want some kind of hard flooring surface. This is especially true downstairs.

While laminate floors are very common, they don’t suit some houses, and natural wood or tiles are a much better option.

Kitchens, for example, can have a laminate that is rated as water resistant, but if you have standing water, this can cause a significant problem if it isn’t cleaned up. Laminate floors are best used for where they are suited.

Handyman of Las Vegas has some of the best floor fitters in Vegas, and no matter what kind of floor you want fitting, or repairing, they are the right guys for the job. Something as simple as vinyl can be hard work for a homeowner to do themselves once they reach the corners or kitchen islands and it needs cutting to perfection.

Our guys take great pride in what they do, and we take great pride in our guys. They do a perfect job every time and make any floor fitting job look easy.

    Stone Kitchen Floors in Las Vegas

    Tiles are one of the hottest trends when it comes to the surface of a floor in the kitchen. These help keep the area fresh, and they are super durable. Our tile fitters are equally at home laying them on the floor, as they are on a wall should any homeowner want a bathroom update.

    The secret to stone floor in Vegas homes is to get them level, get this wrong and corners can stick up, and they always manage to be there to stub a toe on. With countless years of experience, we know that any kitchen will be wholly transformed once our skilled tile fitters have laid a new floor.

    Every flooring job we are asked to do, we deliver the same affordable rates, and much of the difference is made up of the cost of the product. We have spent years building up a following of loyal customers who keep coming back for all their residential home floor projects.

    A Las Vegas home deserves the best, and every floor deserves the best people to install it. We know that any expectations will be surpassed, rather than just being met.