Professional woodworking teams ae supply are well equipped to not only fit or repair kitchen cupboards but to also transform your home or business. This can quickly deliver the dreamlike idea that you had in mind and turn it into a reality.

If you have a home project, there are a few woodworking areas you might need to assistance of the best carpenters in Las Vegas:

  • Trim
  • Framing
  • Cabinet making and installation
  • Kitchen updates
  • Remodeling
  • Closets
  • Repair and replace doors


    A closet can be as simple as the one you reach into, but everyone wants the perfect walk-in closet. With space, our skilled cabinet makers and joiners can build fitted cupboard and hanging areas that give you the chance to feel like a superstar with all your clothes hanging neatly. We can create bespoke closets that will:

    • Highly affordable to accommodate closet systems of any budget
    • Plenty of design and finish options
    • Can use real wood, manufactured panels or a mix of timber and ventilated wire


    Dog Door Fitting Services


    You may have a doggie door in your Vegas home that has seen far too much action, and needs replacing, or you need a new installation of a doggie door, but don’t want to ruin the existing door in the process.

    We have fitted many homes over the years with pet doors to enable their loved ones to pass in and out of the house freely. If you don’t want to ruin a good door, or you are renting. Our skillful woodworkers can craft one out the most robust wood that sits in line with a sliding door.

    This can is a great idea, but they are slightly more expensive than other doggie doors.

    Replace/Install Doors

    Replacing doors into an existing door frame isn’t easy. It takes lots of skill to hang doors so they won’t lean or tilt and they fir the door frame perfectly. To do this job shows how good Las Vegas carpenters are because it isn’t something you can do quickly and it really does take skill.

    With any of the above services, we offer some of the most affordable rates in Las Vegas, and like all of our services, they come with guarantees, and we already know that your expectations will be far surpassed and not just exceeded.

    The depth of our woodworking services goes much further than the above, and it can reach as far as the depth and years of experience all of our highly skilled carpenters possess. All the work they carry out will be fully functional, and if exposed it will be highly aesthetically pleasing.