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    Ceiling Fans

    When it comes to dealing with electrics, then every Las Vegas homeowner needs to know they can trust the handyman firm completing the task. Residential technicians can be the savior when it comes to a power outage, or some switches and sockets need replacing, or even new ones fitted completely.

    Electrical jobs even reach outside if you have outdoor lighting, or you have garage doors which are automatic. They all come from one place, and that is your breaker box.

    One problem with a homeowner tackling these jobs themselves is they don’t come up to code, so if there is ever an insurance claim, then you can lose out big time.

    Ceiling Fans

    Because of the local climate, there are lots of homeowners who decide to install ceiling fans to deliver a cool breeze in the heat of the day. However, these may be simple, but to fit correctly, they do take some skill.

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    • Weight – this is a consideration, and although you carried the box from the store, it doesn’t mean a ceiling fan can be installed anywhere. Our skilled ceiling fan installers need to locate the exact fixing points. If they drill or screw into the equivalent of drywall, then you might have spinning fan falling into your lap.
    • Location – some ceiling fans have higher power demands because they contain lighting and cooling in one unit. This might take more power than a regular light fitting, so our electrical wizards need to determine the power supply, and to make sure your electrical junction box can cope.
    • Switches – a ceiling fan needs a switch to turn it on, and having the existing light switch for a bare bulb won’t switch between fan only or fan and lighting. Our skilled electrical fitters can quickly determine the best switching type for your ceiling fan installation.

    Every home we install ceiling fans into comes with the same affordable rates and top of the range guarantees, so every homeowner is on a win-win situation.

    There are few factors to consider when installing ceiling fans, and these are some of them:

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    Lighting Fixtures

    When you say lighting fixtures, a lot of people think light shades in the middle of your room. This is the most basic placement, and now homeowners in Vegas want so much more.

    We install electrical lighting systems in almost every area you can think of, form wall lights to under cabinet lighting in kitchens. Nearly all of these are retrofitted, so our electrician’s work needs to blend perfectly with the surroundings.

    Wall lighting might need drywall to be removed, and cables to be run through the back to the light switches by the door. This could phase the less experienced Las Vegas electricians, but we have the guys who relish this kind of electrical installation.

    Outlets and Switches

    Out of all the Las Vegas electrical installation and repair jobs we perform, these are some of the more common. A repair on an outlet or switch can take a short time, but if a new installation is required, this can be more in-depth. No room ever has enough outlets, but fitting one can mean cutting out part of the wall to run cables toward the junction box.

    These types of jobs are not limited to lounges, and an area of a home might need a new outlet installation.

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    “I hit the remote for the garage doors and saw all the lights went out in the house. In pitch black I called Handyman of Las Vegas who came out and found one of the cables had melted and shorted. He fixed it up in no time. Fantastic job and highly recommend.

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    24/7 Electrical Repair

    Electrical repairs happen at the most inconvenient times, and more often at night. Handyman of Las Vegas started their 24/7 emergency call out to cover these eventualities. With the fastest response in Vegas, our certified electricians can pinpoint the problem and have electricity restored as quick as a flash.

    All of our electrical or Carpentry work comes with safety guarantees and is carried out by certified Las Vegas electricians. There will be no worry that your wires are crossed with our highly affordable rates and industry-leading services.

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