Paint & Drywall Repairs

If there are two jobs which generally go hand in hand, it is painting and drywall repairs. While drywall is easy to fit and can be done by quite a few DIY hobbyists, it is the finish that really sets it off to its best. It isn’t only the matter of painting drywall which has been installed, there are all the joints which need taping, spackling and patching.

Handyman of Las Vegas has been installing and carrying out these kinds of jobs ever since we started a business, and with the best craftsmen. We can do this in the fraction of time in any Las Vegas home or business.

Drywall, as good as it is to put up walls quickly, it can be damaged just as fast and for some reasons:

  • Moisture damage – needs plumbing repairs
  • Wear and tear – most often furniture damage
  • Kids making holes
  • Holes from door handles
  • Holes from sporting activities

    There is no end of damage possibilities, so to get your drywalls looking as good as new, might mean taking a section out and replacing it.

    Our skilled workers are more than qualified to do this and have pleased many homeowners with the results. The downside to these drywall repairs is that you have an odd colored section of the wall. This leaves you with no choice but to have the wall painted.

    We have always known these jobs pair well, so we decided to offer the most affordable rates when these two jobs need performing in Las Vegas. It is a little unfair to a customer to fix the drywall and leave without finishing the job visually.

    Drywall and Water Leaks

    When there is a water leak from the upstairs bathroom or from the roof, water will always work its way to the lowest point. In most cases, this is behind the downstairs drywall.

    Drywall likes to stay dry, and when it is wet, it can cause a mess and serious problems. You might not be aware you need a plumbing repair until you see water spots or mold forming on your wall. This is a major job, but luckily, we can perform any painting and drywall repair of any size.

    If you see signs of water damage, it will still be building up, so you better get in touch, so we can get it fixed.