Are Handyman Services Las Vegas Good for Grouting

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In bathrooms, or particularly in kitchens where splashbacks can be a focal point, however, the illusion can be ruined if the grouting isn’t up to scratch, and in many cases, it can come from trying to do this yourself.

When homeowners want a kitchen update, the inclusion of tiled splashbacks and tiling in other kitchen areas is a priority. Instead of tackling these jobs on their own, many homeowners now know the benefits of handyman services around the valley, and then wonder, “Are handyman services Las Vegas good for Grouting?”

Read on, and you can learn more about grouting, so you can see what to expect from your handyman.

Selecting the Right Grout for Handyman Las Vegas Use

The sort of grout to be used will depend mainly on the size of the gap between the tiles. For ease of installation, check with your handyman, they are using high-quality grout, which does not require a sealant thanks to the polymers in the mixture.

You should consider the following types of grout:

  • Unsanded Grouts: You will find this a great choice if you don’t want a sandy look in your grout. Only use non-sanded grout if the seams are narrow. Using a non-sanded grout that has wider seams may result in cracks since it doesn’t possess the bonding power of sanded.
  • Fine Sanding Grout: An excellent sanding grout alternative is ideal for tiles with medium-sized seams up to 3/8″ wide. It includes sand, which improves strength and reduces shrinkage.
  • Quarry Type Grouts: A cement-based grout which is perfect for padding terracotta tiles, quarry tile or slate for grout joints over 3/8″ and up to ½” in width.
  • Epoxy Resin Grouts: Epoxy resin grouts and hardener are less porous and more resistant to stains, so they are perfect in kitchens where they will have exposure to grease and other staining foods. The epoxy grout dries fast and is difficult to work with, so it is recommended to avoid it if attempting to do this yourself.

Grout Colors for Las Vegas Handyman and Kitchen Splashbacks

An experienced handyman Las Vegas will know much more than how to make and fix things. When it comes to the grout color, there are some things to consider.

White: Although clean looking, it will highlight grease, and takes lots of cleaning.

Darker Grout: If you have a grout darker than your tiles, it covers the sight of grease stains better, and can make a unique contrast if using light-colored tiles.

Light Gray Grouts: Enhances tile patterns and helps to hide kitchen stains.

Colored Grouts: You need a good eye for detail if using colored. Your Las Vegas handyman can advise which color works best to deliver a contrast with your tiles. If you need more help in designing how your backsplash should look, then contact Handyman of Las Vegas. From helping with many kitchen updates and upgrades, they have an excellent eye for detail and will advise on the hottest trends for tiles and grout splash backs.