Handyman of Las Vegas in the Lakesregion is your primary provider when repairing things. You get an elite service for different projects when it comes to handyman jobs. So whether you have a home or business, you can feel assured you are getting the best and reliable service to handle your project.

What Repair Service Do You Need

HandymanThe Lakesprovides multiple services to make sure everything on your property is running smoothly. Do not hesitate to call us for your business or home repairs. We are dedicated to providing you with guaranteed satisfaction work.

Handyman of Las Vegas can help you install that new appliance in the kitchen or your sound system with a TV in the living room. Alternatively, perhaps your home needs a fresh makeover from the bathroom to the kitchen. But, on the other hand, how is that old floor looking? Do you need a laminated or natural wood floor installed? No matter what you need, we can help.

Whether it is a leaky toilet, electrical concern, or a dripping tap, let our professional team of artisan lend a hand. Our crew can help you with your furniture assemblies to remodeling a home. Let us take care of your painting inside and out or remove that old wallpaper on the wall.

How is that deck looking? Is it in need of a new varnish layer or some staining? Yes, we can provide you with these services and more.

24/7 Electrical Emergency

Do not sit in the dark when the power goes out. Instead, contact Handyman of Las Vegas to turn the power back on again. Our certified electricians can trace the problem to get the lights back on. Maybe you need some electrical installations from an appliance to a ceiling fan. Do not try to do it yourself, leading to an electrical shock. Instead, call in help from Handyman The Lakes to take care of all your electrical needs. We can fit the ceiling fan for you and even provide you with lighting installations under cabinets against the wall.

Need Drywall Installation or Repair

Let us help repair or install your drywall giving it a nice final touch standing out in your home. We can help tape, patch, and spackle the joists. The best is we do it in a fraction of time. Whether damaged from moisture, wear and tear have holes, we can help. So get them looking good now by giving us a call.

Contact Us Today

Handyman of Las Vegas provides reliable service from repairs, maintenance, and taking care of new projects. So get in contact with us today for your free estimate to start on your new renovation project. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we can handle anything you need. Whether you have an emergency plumbing concern to an electrical problem, we are available 24/7 to help.