Handy of Las Vegas has a trusted team of artisans that can address your repair needs. We are an honest, reliable craftsmen service throughout Nevada. We have years of experience and deliver high-standard customer services at a fair price. Get top-notch commercial and residential repairs with improvement solutions.


Get the Expertise You Need

When you call us, our staff goes the extra mile to schedule a convenient time to complete the job for you. Our crew shows up on time and remains within your budget when working on your project. Our artisans are professionals at their trade and always ready to assist with your repairs and improvements. If we can’t fix it, we always have someone standing by to help.

Get Skilled Craftsmen

All our staff goes through background checks and training to make sure they have the knowledge to do the job and keep you safe. In addition, we provide them with special training to provide you with exceptional customer service.

Our team will:

  • Wears protective covering over their shoes or if needed, they will even remove it
  • They are mindful of your personal space when it comes to privacy
  • They do not smoke on the property and take care of your building
  • The team will make sure to clean up after themselves completing a job
  • If a problem arises and they need to change their scope of work, they will effectively communicate with you

Furthermore, they will place the required fabric and barriers to keep your fixtures and furnishings protected if it is a messy job.

Get Valued Work

We are committed to providing you with quality services like no other. From the time you enquire about our commercial or residential handyman services in Summerlin South, the communication is exceptional.


Whether it be by phone, our easy-to-use online form, or making a booking, we take pride in your project. Our representatives are knowledgeable yet eager to find the right artisan for your project.


When arriving at your place, our craftsmen will respect you and your property as if it’s their own. Our crew will listen to your concerns providing you with a solution that effectively solves the problem.


When the job is completed, they will leave your place in the best shape before arriving as they are highly trained to provide a superior level of service.


Book Your Free Estimate Or Appointment Online

No matter what handyman service you need, Handyman of Summerlin South can help. Book an appointment online or complete the free estimate form any time of the day or night. Then, tell us what job you need doing with a time slot, date, and our helpful customer service will confirm it with you. It is that easy; book your repair job today.