Centennial Hills Park

Nestled near Las Vegas, downtown lies a beautiful and expansive public park known as Centennial Hills Park. This 120-acre park is a popular destination for locals and visitors, offering several recreational activities and amenities for all ages. With its stunning natural beauty, modern facilities, and community events, the park has become a beloved gathering place for the Centennial Hills community.


Centennial Hills Park's rich history dates back to 1999 when the city of Las Vegas purchased the land to create a new public park for the growing community. The park's construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2006, costing $32 million.

Centennial Hills Park has become a central gathering place for the community, offering a space for recreation, relaxation, and community engagement. It is a testament to the city's commitment to providing accessible and inclusive public spaces for its residents.


One of the most popular amenities at Centennial Hills Park is the playground. The park features several playgrounds throughout the area, with equipment designed for children of all ages and abilities. Soft surfaces to cushion falls surround these and are routinely inspected and maintained to ensure safety.

Another excellent feature of the park is the picnic areas with grills. The park has many picnic tables and benches, with grills available for visitors. These areas are perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, and other special events. The grills are well-maintained and cleaned regularly, ensuring visitors have a pleasant experience.

For sports enthusiasts, Centennial Hills Park offers a variety of options. The park has several sports fields for soccer, baseball, and basketball. Also, there are tennis courts available for public use. In addition to the sports fields, the park has skate and dog parks, which are popular among visitors who enjoy outdoor activities with their pets.

The park's walking trails are another popular feature, offering visitors a chance to explore the park's beautiful natural areas, including a desert botanical garden and a scenic lake. The trails are suitable for people of all ages and abilities and are handicapped accessible.

The park's large amphitheater is another highlight, hosting community events and concerts yearly. An amphitheater is an excellent place for visitors to enjoy cultural experiences and entertainment in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Finally, the park provides modern restroom facilities, ample parking, and handicapped-accessible pathways and features. The park's amenities are designed to give visitors a comfortable and enjoyable experience, making Centennial Hills Park a must-visit destination in Las Vegas.