Can Handyman Las Vegas Fix My Door Jamb?

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Sometimes, a door jamb will certainly need to be changed because it is damaged with use. It may be damaged during a break-in or simply relocating furniture.

Whatever the reason, you must change it quickly, so your door is safe and secure. This is more than a basic maintenance task, and you will find yourself asking, “Can handyman Las Vegas fix my door jamb?”

Some individuals may want to do this themselves, yet if you see below, you can see why it is best to leave it for the pros.

Pro Handyman Las Vegas Will Need to remove the Old Door

Remove the existing door by removing hinge pins, or removing the hinges from the door jamb. If removing hinge pins, leave the opposite side of the hinges fastened to the door jamb, as they will be used later.

Carefully trim casing from the doorway. Pro handyman Las Vegas will use a flathead screwdriver or small crowbar to ease between drywall and the casing.

They start at one end and carefully work their way around before placing all the pieces on one side.

Now, you would have to pull the existing door jamb from against the wall. This is where your local Las Vegas handyman doesn’t panic as a homeowner may do.

In older homes, it may be connected with nails, yet newer homes use timber screws. If there are screws, your handyman will have the right power tools to remove these quickly. Nails are more of a challenge, yet they can do this far easier than a DIY fan.

Installing the New Jamb with a Handyman Las Vegas NV

It doesn’t matter if you have a prefabricated jamb, or your handyman Las Vegas makes a new one. Now is the time to locate it in the doorway.

He will temporarily screw the jamb into position on the side that has the joints. Next, he will slide shims between the wall and jamb to work out the positioning of the new jamb.

Once your professional handyman has the jamb in position, he will fix it into place permanently.

Once the jamb in place, it is a matter of connecting the hinges and then returning the door to its hung position. Your handyman will check all areas are free from obstruction, and the door is safe and secure.

Hanging doors can be hard enough for the inexperienced, and this is the primary reason it is better to use a professional handyman for the task. No matter if you have a home or business, contact Handyman of Las Vegas, and you can find you have the best-hung doors and door jambs of anyone in the area.